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Give Your Health a Boost

CleanShield INT gives your body the immune boost it needs to get healthy fast. 
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Health Level

Nature teaches us that the healthiest growth and vibrancy only comes when the soil moisture has the proper pH balance

Your body is exactly the same. When the inner oceans of your body is pH balanced, vibrancy and health is the result.

Nearly all disease is associated with excess acidity within the body. If your inner acidity left, you would experience health

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Introduction to CleanShield

Al Siamon – Inventor of CleanShield

The Ocean Within

AHS President Per Anderson discusses the inner ocean of our body

CleanShield Health

AHS CEO Chidinma Eziyi discusses the life of health from a CleanShield point of view.

Radio Interview

AHS CEO Chidinma Eziyi discusses CleanShield on 92.3 Live FM in Lagos, Nigeria

Sonny Brasile

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback discusses his experience using CleanShield for gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and leukemia.

How and Why It Works

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The inventor shares his heart and vision for Cleanshield and the conviction that this simple supplement will transform the health lives of people all over the world.  Read his own words…

Potential of hydrogen – what does this mean?  And why is it so critical to the health of the human body?  Find out why this important quality of water will determine MUCH about your health.  Read the article…

Find out about the strong relationship between pH and the metabolism of the body – and the central role proper pH balance plays.  Read the article…

Understanding the amazing creation of the body is what makes long term health possible.  It’s our body that provides the “doctor” within to make us well.   Read the article…

When we understand the rules of the body and play by them, real incredible health becomes possible.  But breaking the rules has its penalties.  Read the article…

Discover how the foods we eat make a difference in the acidity levels of our body.  Learning to eat wisely has significant benefits.  View the Food Chart

Cleanshield is a liquid supplement made of a blend of minerals and water designed to create a alkaline boost in the body.  This supplement is SAFE, SIMPLE TO USE, and FAST ACTING.  Read the article…

What is CleanShield?  Find out how it works?   What effect does it have on the body.   Read the article…

The body actually works so much better at a metabolic level when pH is balanced that the immune system becomes a powerful shield against disease.  Read the article…

The Cleanshield approach to health is simple, powerful, and effective.  Consider carefully an avenue to health that will change your life.  Read the article…

Review the brochure for an overview of the CleanShield pathway to health.  View the Brochure…