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Africa HealthSolution Ltd


More than 50 years ago, an inventor in the USA named Al Siamon formulated Cleanshield.  During many years of research, observation, and discovery, he uncovered amazing characteristics that boost the health of the body.  This product formally entered health market in 2006 and since then has had a powerful impact. 

From nation to nation and in particular in Africa, awareness of the efficacy has exploded in the health consciousness of millions of people.  First, in the US, then Nigeria – to Ghana, Cameroon, Benin, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Kenya, nations of Europe, and beyond.  

Global awareness of the critical nature of pH and health has also exploded during the last 20 years as scientist continue to discover the amazing complexity and wonder of the body and its ability to heal itself as we observe its needs.  


Our vision is one of natural affordable for all the world. We see the masses of the world, especially those least privileged, being reached with an awareness of health solutions that are practical and affordable.

Combined with the need for practical and effective health solutions, we are committed to creating a business platform that is dedicated to building sustainable revenue streams using today’s internet based tools and making it available to the world.

Health and Wealth.  Health that is affordable and powerfully effective and natural.  Wealth creation that is available to the masses… those willing to apply, with diligence, the gifts of the mind and body.  

Change the world.  Make a happier, healthier place to live.  This is the mission of Africa HealthSolution.

AHS Leadership Team

Chidinma Eziyi


“In finding CleanShield, I am realizing the fulfillment of a dream of my life.  As I discovered the power of CleanShield, I immediately began to look for a way to bring it to the world, and especially to Africa. 

Not only is this a new and effective approach to improving health, but we have also discovered that CleanShield has become a wonderful means to create wealth.  Through the marketing arm of Africa HealthSolution, you have the opportunity to use this wonderful product to create Clean Wealth for you and your family.  We welcome you into the CleanShield family!”


Per Anderson


WE have found something special!  We have found YOU, the distributor of Africa HealthSolution.  As you market CleanShield, you will become a vital lifeline of good news!

As your people discover the good news about CleanShield through your efforts, you will change the health lives of many.  That is our goal and passion.  For this reason, Africa HealthSolution Ltd. is designed to reward your  efforts and your time.  





Al Siamon


“YOU have found something special!  It took me, Al Siamon, the inventor, over 50 years of study and observation to discover many of the amazing characteristics of CleanShield.  I consider it to be a gift of heaven. 

As I think of the unfolding story of CleanShield, I shake my head in wonder.  I have never seen a product with such a powerful ability to boost the body’s own powerful healing dynamic.  For that reason, I have decided to dedicate all my time and efforts to bringing this dietary supplement to the world.