Internal Oral TOPICAL Haircare

Internal (CS INT)

Use CleanShield INT to rapidly boost internal body pH level to stimulate immune system and enable the body to heal itself more efficiently.  All natural, non-chemical health drink.

  1. Drink 1 oz (30 ml) three times each day
  2. DO NOT eat or drink for 30 minutes before or after use
  3. Unique taste is similar to salt water
  4. Continue use as needed
  5. In extreme cases, after 7 days increase 1 oz (30 ml) dose from three times up to six times daily for 3 days before resuming three times per day.

Oral (CS INT)

Use CleanShield INT to help with bad breath and various mouth, throat, and gum conditions.  

  1. Swish a small amount in the mouth for 30 seconds, then swallow
  2. Do not rinse mouth after use
  3. Do not drink liquids for 30 minutes
  4. Gargle three times daily or as necessary for throat

Topical (CS HS)

Use Cleanshield HS to exfoliate outer layer of skin gently and safely for beauty skin conditioning.  Also helps with bed sores, burns, infections, scalp, skin, ulcers, wounds and wide range of skin conditions.

  1. Spray moderately on face, neck, or other desired area.
  2. Rub briskly with clean cloth until dry.  Or pat dry.  Do not air dry if possible.
  3. In exfoliation applications, lightly moisturize area where applied with water using wet fingertip and rub until dry
  4. Apply up to 3 times daily or as needed.

Hair Care (CS SnE)

Use Cleanshield SnE (Smooth ‘n Easy) on tangled hair and see results fast.  Odor removal and cleansing of hair and scalp are powerful benefits.  Remove braids and extensions without excessive breakage.  Use for major hair styling or for daily hair maintenance.

  1. Spray moderate coat on hair (in dry condition)
  2. Massage in and wait 2 minutes
  3. Comb out hair/loosen weave/extension (apply more as needed)
  4. Reapply light spray and style
  5. Spray on wig or scalp for itch and/or odor control
  6. Spray light coat on weave/wig to repel dust
  7. Spray lightly on scalp for dry shampoo
  8. Use as scalp cleanse or hydrate hair root and stimulate healthly hair growth
  9. Apply to beard before shaving to eliminate ingrown hair and painful bumps.  (Men) 

Some conditions require much longer to cleanse / neutralize and may require longer periods of use of CleanShield INT / HS / SnE plus other changes in diet and lifestyle.