Those Who Bring Change

time for change

We have made the decision to transition from the MLM business model to direct sales.  This is a very exciting time!

This means we will be able to significantly lower our prices.  This reduction will allow for greater purchasing power and the ability for more people to afford CleanShield which will increase the customer base.



You can bring change

Even though the MLM business structure has changed, you still have the opportunity to be a distributor.

As a distributor, you will have the opportunity to purchase large quantities, either on your own or with a group, at reduced prices, and then sell your stock for a profit!

Contact your nearest Cleanshield office today to learn more about the new program and how you can be a part of it!




A Distributor of Life.

As a distributor, you are the gear that moves CleanShield.  Without you, and other distributors like you, the CleanShield machine stops.

You are the channel that brings products of significant and lasting importance to many in great need.  The health creating power of CleanShield is communicated through the machinery of life and makes great things happen for many.

Many will remember you the rest of their lives for the difference you bring them. As you explain the power of CleanShield health products, you will experience the uplifting feeling of changing lives.

Your life….and the lives of others…

You are the gear that moves CleanShield

Clean Money

This is NOT an ordinary sales opportunity. You can change lives. Clean money with a priceless product

Clinic in a Bottle

Is it possible? Are the benefits attributed only to costly hospitals possible in a bottle? Discover it

Valued Profession

Everyone in the sales chain becomes vital as information and resources become available to many in need

As you review the information

on this website, you’ll begin to understand the potential for health and wealth. We encourage you to take what you learn and use it for your own good and the good of everyone around you.

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In a very simple way, you, as a distributor or retailer, will become a “dispenser” of life.  As your clients use Cleanshield and discover its powerful effect on the body, you will discover that YOU are the one that brought the good news.

Some things we do don’t last.  In the end we wonder why we did them.  Other things we do bring lasting change of great value.  CLeanshield is one of those things.  The effects are long term and of great value.

The importance of pH balance and body health is a relatively new discovery.  It is a change, however, that is global, profound, and is here to stay.  The sooner you get involved, the better.  Don’t pass up this opportunity!

This health solution is simple, safe, and economical.  It is based on working WITH the body and not against it.  It seeks to provide to the body some of its most important and fundamental needs – reduced acidity (or clean water) within the body.  You, as a distributor, are bringing a simple solution to those who need it.

Modern medicine has become TOO expensive and complicated, and sometimes it does more harm than good.  CleanShield offers a way to find health without expensive hospitals or medicine.

The SECRET to success as a Distributor or Retailer is twofold – hard work and product knowledge.  Learning about pH, CleanShield, and their effects on the body will allow you to be a knowledgeable expert who can positively effect the health of anyone you meet.

Imagine 3 years ahead after having helped 1000’s of people.  You will have a lot of new friends who are grateful for your efforts.

Many businesses bring benefits and pleasures, but not many have the potential to change lives like CleanShield.  A healthy life is priceless.  As you hear about the effect you’ve had on people’s lives, you will have a deep sense of satisfaction that you were able to help so many.

Take time to study and learn about pH and health.  Learn WHY CleanShield is so effective.  Study about the amazing power of the body to heal itself and what we can do to help it.

As you spend time and effort and gain EXPERIENCE, you will become increasingly valuable to those around you.  As you discover this method of promoting health, as you see firsthand the changes that happen, you will never be the same.