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These instructions will help you fill out the form properly.  When you are done reviewing this information, click on your country at the bottom of the page.

  1. Member information
    1. Enter your first and last name in the appropriate fields
    2. If you have a company name, you may enter it, otherwise, leave it blank
    3. Enter your Passport number, National ID number, or Driver’s License number
  2. Mailing Address
    1.  Enter you address details
    2. Make sure to select your state
    3. If you are from Nigeria or Ghana, your country will be selected for you.  If you are from a different country, be sure to select the one in which you live
  3. Contact Information
    1. Enter your daytime phone number and evening phone number if different
    2. Enter your email address and re-type in second field (must exactly match the email address you already entered)
  4.  Placement Information
    1. If no one referred you, simply skip this section and move on to the next
    2. If there is information already in these fields, you may move on
    3. If you see the text “If you have a Sponsor ID number…” etc, and you were referred by someone, click on that text and enter their ID number
    4. In some cases the username of the person who is enrolling you will be automatically entered.  If this is the case, you don’t need to do anything and can move on to the next section.
  5. Site Information
    1. Enter a user/site name
      1. This will be your username and your site name.  As a distributor, you will have access to a webpage that is customized with your contact information.  The address of this site will be  So, for example, if you enter Sam as your user/site name, your website address will be  If you aren’t sure what to enter here, simply type in your first name.  If that name has already been used, try adding a number at the end of your name.
      2. Decide on a password and enter it.
  6. Enrollment Options
    1.  Preferred Retail Buyer
      1. Select this option if you want to get discounts on your purchases but you don’t want to be a distributor.  A one time fee will be required.
    2. MARSHAL Registration
      1. Select this option if you want to be a distributor in order to earn money telling others about CleanShield.
  7. Optional Product Purchase
    1.  You may make a purchase during the signup process, but it is not required.  Remember that you will need to achieve a goal of 100PV before advancing to rank LM1 with full earning privileges.  You may do this right away or over the course of several purchases made later.
    2. Select your desired number of products.  All products are available here: the 8 ounce, 12 ounce, and 32 ounce bottles, as well as Healthy Skin and Smooth’n Easy.
  8. Agreement
    1. Carefully review the agreement, click “I Agree”, then click “Submit and Review” below.

You may now click on your country below to begin.  It will open in a new window so that you can easily refer back to these instructions as needed.

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