The stories began many years ago in the USA.  In Africa they began in 2006 and have continued every year since.  Now thousands of testimonies abound from many nations of the world – Europe, USA, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Gabon and more…

Some of those who were profoundly affected by CleanShield shared their stories with us and now we’re sharing them with you.  Those stories are here.

Severe Arthritic Pain

“Approximately one year ago I started taking the Cleanshield, within a week I started to experience a remarkable difference in the way my body was starting to feel, I was experiencing significant movement back in my joints with considerable reduction in pain. After taking Balance 7 for 3 months I stopped taking my prescribed medication for Arthritis and now I am free of any and all pain to my Arthritic joints…”
Sonny Brasile
San Francisco 49ers quarterback

Stomach Ulcer

“After 10 days she returned to us with her husband, who also submitted himself to the trial, because he also had the same complaints as his wife. Both of them are now happy and relieved of their stomach complaints. The reported that they are now even eating those food items heretofore forbidden by their former doctors”
Patient of Dr. Ordu
Abia State, Nigeria

Malaria (resistant); Typhoid Fever

"After fighting with malaria for 4 months – Cleanshield produced results in 48 hours. Body temperature subsided within 4hrs, Joint pains seized; Un-prolonged purging was experienced after 18-24 hrs. Salmonella typhoid and plasmodium cells were completely obliterated in 3days.Its incredible."
Mr. Dickson
Nigeria - Africa

Arthritic Pain

“The arthritic pains in joints eliminated in just 7 days…”
California, USA

Lyme's Disease

“I had Lyme’s disease and in 21 days all symptoms were eradicated”
California USA


“My blood sugar level which had been over 150 has dropped and not gone over 107 for two months”
Brother of Dr. Yousefi

Acute Abdominal Pain

“I suffered from acute abdominal pain and within 5 days was able to return back to work”
48 year old school teacher


5 subjects with psoriasis in clinical trial experienced positive results.
Marshall-Blum Clinical Trials
Study in USA

Cervical Infection &
Vaginal Growth

“The itching vanished, discomfort is gone and the smell gone – all in just 4 days. After 2 weeks the improvement is fantastic”.

Stomach Ulcer; HBP; Fungal attack; Tooth Ache; Leg boils

“ God be praised! I‘ve noticed that the following have been healed in me: 1: Stomach ulcer, I have no more stool blood. 2: Restoration of my Hp. It was high before. 3: I sleep very well now. Who knows what else has been healed? CleanShield is certainly God’s intervention to mankind. It’s a miracle!”
Matthew 0.

Benign Prostate Hypotrophy

“I suffered from Benign Prostate Hypertrophy and was fighting it for years with conventional gold standard treatments. I was amazed to experience relief within two weeks of using CleanShield."
Doctor in Africa
Lagos Nigeria


“After years of slow but steady progress of Parkinson’s in my body, I began using Balance 7 and have continued for more than two years - and have experienced a significant arresting in the progress of the disease.”
Marilea Holden
California USA